Sol and Sunna was born from the desire to create beautiful, wearable accessories inspired by Sandra Priebe's Chasing Sunrises project. As the collection of sunrise photos grew, Sandra and her daughter Caroline couldn't help but imagine the striking orange, yellow, blue, fuchsia combinations in various textile forms.

When the family took a trip to Peru last fall and fell in love with the rich textiles and textile culture of the Quechen craftspeople, it was the impetus to start making.


The Chasing Sunrises collection is a recording of my photographs over a three year span of time, taken each morning at daybreak. The most photographed location is the view from Milwaukee, looking east towards the ever-changing Lake Michigan. The project also continues during my travels, incorporating photos from around the USA and world.

I am attracted to the diversity of color created by weather conditions. The constantly changing palette of the sky, land, clouds and water keep my interest each morning.

I came to appreciate the early morning activity of a city waking up. I learned from and got to know the dawn subcultures of activities, represented by the fishermen, surfers, runners, insomniacs, bikers and walkers. I watched ships big enough for oceans and college rowing clubs dot the horizon and reflect the sun moving along the horizon as day breaks.

I hope to capture the moment of awakening of each new day. Each day a fresh start. I found comfort in knowing the sun rises even on the days the sun is out of view hiding behind clouds.

The rhythm and wonder of darkness turning to light each day brings comfort and hope to me. Through sharing my photographic journey with friends, known and unknown, on Facebook and Tumblr, I hope others find similar comfort and joy. Their comments and encouragement multiply my joy and energize me to continue each day.

This project is dedicated to Jack, Caroline and Austin, whose love is the reason I wake and who understand how to find beauty and joy in everyday life.



Sandra Priebe

Sandra Priebe

Sandra is a nature photographer, social justice advocate, and recovering retailer. Sandra now strives to own little and enjoy much. Sandra's photographs capture the beauty she has found in each new day wherever she is. Sandra has pursued a wide range of interests including:

  • Old Toll Road Village
  • OTRV Properties, LLC
  • National Women's Law Center
  • Wisconsin Women = Prosperity
  • Fix Development
  • Life Coaching
  • Nature Photographer
Caroline Priebe

Caroline Priebe

Caroline is a​ designer of both menswear and womenswear​. As a NY fashion industry veteran, ​she is ​driven by textiles, ingenuity in pattern making, sustainable solutions, and the camaraderie unique to working in the fashion industry's diverse network of makers.

Caroline has worked for a unique set of pioneering fashion companies including:

  • Outlier
  • Freemans Sporting Club
  • Rogan
  • Loomstate
  • Alabama Chanin
  • ULURU (Caroline's own collection)
  • Zero + Maria Cornejo
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